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Second Street Station: A Mary Handley Mystery

Second Street Station: A Mary Handley Mystery - Lawrence H. Levy The odd computer-generated cover caused me pause when I saw it on Blogging For Books, but I’m a fan of some historical fiction, so I decided to give it a shot. Mary Handley would fit in just fine in today’s society, but in the 19th century, she would’ve been considered brash, abrupt, and definitely not lady-like.

The merging of the fictional character, Mary, and many real period-specific people was smooth and the interactions were believable. I was a little confused at first with the sequence of events in the first two chapters, but once I figured it all out I was all-in. Smart and clever women are a rarity in literature, so I was pleased to read the exploits of Mary Handley, and I look forward to the next book due out in January 2016.

There were a scene or two that failed the suspension of disbelief, namely ricocheting bullets and wardrobe sequences, but they were a minor affront. The best thing that Mary Handley has over Sherlock Holmes is that she’s tougher, more fun, and less cerebral.

Awarding four out of five stars is easy and I hope to read more from this author.