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The Zeuorian Awakening

The Zeuorian Awakening  - Cindy Zablockis The Zeuorian Awakening had a lot of issues. First, like a lot of self-published books, there was a lack of editing. Missing words, incorrect tense usage, and verbosity permeated. It tried to be a kinda sci-fi, maybe paranormal romance, sorta mystery, but it doesn’t seem to rock any of those genres.

And the angst, OMG it was hard. I considered quitting this story several times due to too much melodrama. The protagonist was unlikeable and had no agency. Everything just happened to her. She was the damsel in distress who had a suite of white and black knights to protect her.

Giving this story two stars seems harsh, because fans of angsty melodramas will probably like it. I’m going to assume a solid copy edit will fix a lot of issues, and I’d still be interested in reading a sequel to see what the characters and the author learned since the first book.