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Dexter Is Dead

Dexter Is Dead - Jeff Lindsay I’d never read any of the Jeff Lindsay Dexter books. I enjoyed the television series, but never ventured into the books the series was based on. I was hesitant to read the last book in the series without reading any of the previous, especially knowing that television series and the books they’re based on are often divergent.

My biggest issue with the book was not that I was a little lost due to the diverging stories from the show and the books, or that some of the plot seemed far fetched, but the author’s constant use of description and repetition. The prose didn’t quite veer into the purple zone, but it got mighty close.

I found Dexter’s dialog to be stilted, but I presume that was intentional. It was fun to see characters from the show in this book, and this is a far better fitting ending for Dexter than the hideous television series finale.

Jeff Lindsay fans will obviously enjoy this ending to the series, and fans of the show will appreciate this way better ending. The casual reader who hasn’t read the series or watched the show might find this read a little stilted and heavy. Over all I did enjoy the read, and I’m glad I requested this title through NetGalley.