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Broken Lies (Broken, #1)

Broken Lies (Broken, #1) - Claire Vale I requested a review copy from NetGalley, since the blurb sounded interesting. The wording was a mix of US English and UK English. I was able to discern what was going on with unfamiliar words and slang from context clues, but I did have to read more than a few sentences more than once to figure it out.
While the protagonist and her YA contemporaries were going through zombie-killing boot camp, I was reminded of some of my own experiences in NAVY Basic Training. We obviously didn’t train to kill zombies, but I was actually filled with a sliver of nostalgia for some of the good times in Basic Training.
The story did have some excellent themes of the young adult “finding their own way,” but much of the writing just seemed odd to me. It could be that my brain was trying to grapple with the US/UK English thing.
The story had just too much angst. The protagonist seemed to be too crippled by indecision and teenage angst to be a really likeable character. I felt more connected to her YA posse.
The last few chapters elicited a groan from me. It was as if the book didn’t know if it was a zombie story or what book two is obviously going to be. (I don’t want to spoil it.) It ended with a cheap cliffhanger, and obviously there will be at least another book. When this book is through, nothing of importance will be resolved – you gotta wait for book two or three for that.
I’m still awarding this three stars, because I suspect once the remaining books are written, it’ll be a fun read all the way through, despite the apparent change of genre in the last chapters.