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The Library at Mount Char

The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins The Library at Mount Char is a bizarre read. At times dark, others humorous, but at all times the narrative moves forward, compelling the reader to read *just one more chapter.* During the read of this book, I was often left confused by what the heck was going on. Most of the confusing bits were cleared up by the end, and of course a very amusing epilogue. I suppose I would categorize this story as horror or perhaps urban fantasy, but a genre or two can’t easily define it.

While reading, I was confronted by the similar tone and feel of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Although Gaiman focused on a clash between several gods, The Library at Mount Char takes a serendipitous route to tell a story that… well… no spoilers, you’ll just have to read it. If you liked American Gods, you’ll likely appreciate this book.

There is quite a bit of violence, including rape in this story, but the type and nature of the violence is nothing more than one would see watching programs that don’t air on network TV. The violence is sometimes cringe-worthy, but it never felt gratuitous, and seemed to move the story forward.

My understanding is that there are no plans on a sequel, but the story ends in such a way that if the author did decide to write another, the groundwork is already there. This book seems more than four stars, but not quite enough to push it into the five-star territory.