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Freedom's Child

Freedom's Child - Jax Miller I enjoyed Freedom’s Child, by Jax Miller. It’s refreshing to read a strong female protagonist who is flawed. So often male characters are allowed to have glaring personality defects, but not women. They’re so often portrayed as the hapless girl that the story happens to, not them taking control of the story. The smoking, boozing, cussing Freedom Oliver is horribly flawed, but we can empathize with her foibles. Many of us have even known someone who she reminds us of.

Jax Miller’s writing style has been compared to a graphic novel, and I’d say that’s not far off. The writing is easy to follow and to figure out what’s going on. The three main subplots and three more minor ones feel like they belong, and weren’t just shoehorned in to pad the book. The writing is terse, and to the brutal point. There’s not as much swearing as say Chuck Wendig in his Miriam Black series, but I see many parallels between both the protagonist and writing style. The subtle snark and real-world storytelling in Freedom’s Child is very compelling.

If you like Wendig’s Miriam Black series, you’ll like Freedom’s Child and vice-versa. Jax Miller has crafted a captivating story, easily worthy of four stars and an instant read. Make sure you read it when it comes out on June 2nd.