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From a Distant Star

From a Distant Star - Karen McQuestion I read the first half of this book in a single night. It is really easy to digest, which is to be expected for a book geared towards the YA audience. There were no themes or ideas that required me to strain my brain, and the story was very linear. While mostly told from Emma’s point of view, another character’s POV was used a few times. This POV switch wasn’t confusing, but I felt it unnecessary. The information could’ve been easily conveyed via dialogue without switching POV.

The sheer amount of teenage angst almost turned me off from the book. More than one antagonist was a cardboard cutout, and I didn’t really care about Emma for the first half of the book. I’m glad I finished reading it, because it was a cute romp through YA. My rating after reading the first half wavered between two and three stars, and after finishing it, it was a solid three stars. The things I criticized prevented it from wandering into four-star territory.