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Omni - Andrea Murray I’ve studied social stratification at university. I‘ve always been fascinated by myths and religion. And I firmly believe the old saying that all stories have been told and are only being retold in new and interesting ways. I read Omni in its entirety on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The entire thing was a pleasant read and there were no glaring issues with editing, formatting or story. Although the characters did border on clichéd, I genuinely cared about both Harmony and Pierce and looked forward to the antagonists receiving their comeuppance.

The story did have an unsatisfying ending, but this is to be expected in a planned duology. Although as a stand-alone story, Omni had a defined storyline that did reach a conclusion, albeit not a “traditional” one. Since I myself have been known to write and ending or two in unexpected ways, I enjoy it when other authors do it too.

I look forward to the conclusion to the Omni duology from Andrea Murray. Anyone who likes a quick romp through a dystopian future that is easy to read should read this story. My review may seem critical, but I liked the story a lot, and would likely read Andrea’s other trilogy.